AC  SM0000121
DT  5.2.1999 14:09:16 (created); ili
DT  30.1.2002 14:11:00 (updated); ili
OS  tobacco, Nicotiana tabacum
OC  eukaryota; viridiplantae; embryobionta; magnoliophyta;
OC  magnoliopsida; asteridae; solanes; solanaceae
DE  G001410; root-specific RB7-5A
DP  Direction: 3'; Pos 1: ATG
DN  Internal: n; Gene position numeral: -1

root-specific RB7-5A

SF  caution: may be one large (ca. 5.3 kb) S/MAR or several
SF  smaller ones [1]; 3 sites homologous to Drosophila
SF  topoisomerase II consensus, A and T boxes, ATC tracts,
SF  AT-rich regions and motifs homologous to yeast ARS
SF  consensus [2]
FF  stronger than Y$ARS1 SM000120 [2]; augments gene
FF  expression [2] [5]; expression shows tendency to
FF  increase with copy number up to a certain amount of copies
FF  [4]; reduces the loss of expression that would
FF  otherwise occur from one generation to the next [13687,
FF  13689]; does not decrease intertransformant variability
FF  [2]; does not (totally) protect against silencing in
FF  trans [3] [5]; no preferential MAR-enhanced trangene
FF  expression upon conversion from differentiated cells to
FF  rapidly-dividing cells in culture [6]
EV  in vitro selection of S/MAR [1]
EC  matrix from NT1 cells
RN  [1]
RX  MEDLINE; 21519305 PubMed; 11607225
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RT  Nuclear scaffolds and scaffold-attachment regions in higher
RT  plants
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RN  [2]
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RT  strong scaffold attachment region from tobacco
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RN  [3]
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RT  yeast or tobacco do not prevent homology-dependent
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RT  transgene expression in the progeny of transgenic tobacco
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