AC  SM0000122
DT  5.2.1999 16:41:05 (created); ili
DT  13.10.2004 14:49:00 (updated); ili2
NA  DROME$hsp70-MAR1
OS  fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster
OC  eukaryota; animalia; metazoa; arthropoda; insecta; diptera;
OC  drosophiloidea; drosophilidae
SZ  ca. 1250 bp
LO  87A7
DE  G003038; heat shock protein 70
DP  Direction: 5'; Pos 1: transcriptional start
DN  Internal: n; Gene position numeral: -1
DC  Bam HI/Xho I fragment between Hsp70Aa and Hsp70Ab at locus
DC  87A7 [5]
DE  G003039; heat shock protein 70
DP  Direction: 5'
DN  Internal: n; Gene position numeral: 1
DE  G010116; aurora
DP  Direction: 5'; Pos 1: ATG
DN  Internal: n; Gene position numeral: 2
DC  aurora promoter overlaps with specialized chromatin
DC  structure scs'

heat shock protein 70
heat shock protein 70

SF  attachment may be narrowed down to a Bam HI/Xho I fragment
SF  of about 960 bp [1]; topoisomerase II binding and
SF  claevage [3]; A box and T box elements [2]; AT-rich
SF  stretches of 100 to 200 bp [1]; shows electrophoretic
SF  mobility characteristic of bent DNA [4]
FF  mediates (weak) ARS activity in both fission and budding
FF  yeast [5]; induction of transcription does not alter
FF  attachment [1]
EV  in vitro selection of S/MAR [5]
EC  matrices from fission and budding yeast
EV  in vivo selection/LIS [1]
BF  SB000035; topoisomerase II [3]
MM  sedimentation assay; 
SO  rec(S.pombe-S.pombe); Schizosaccharomyces pombe
QA  6
BF  SB000109; PEP [6]
MM  southwestern blotting; 
PR  1023 bp Xba I - BamH I fragment [6]
SO  Kc; Drosophila
RN  [1]
RX  MEDLINE; 85024896 PubMed; 6091913
RA  Mirkovitch, J., Mirault, M.-E., Laemmli, U. K.
RT  Organization of the higher-order chromatin loop: specific
RT  DNA attachment sites on nuclear scaffold
RL  Cell 39:223-232 (1984)
RN  [2]
RX  MEDLINE; 86272100 PubMed; 3015418
RA  Gasser, S. M., Laemmli, U. K.
RT  Cohabitation of scaffold binding regions with
RT  upstream/enhancer elements of three developmentally
RT  regulated genes of D. melanogaster
RL  Cell 46:521-530 (1986)
RN  [3]
RX  MEDLINE; 90076119 PubMed; 2556260
RA  Adachi, Y., Kaes, E., Laemmli, U. K.
RT  Preferential, cooperative binding of DNA topoisomerase II
RT  to scaffold-associated regions
RL  EMBO J. 8:3997-4006 (1989)
RN  [4]
RX  MEDLINE; 89377314 PubMed; 2505984
RA  Homberger, H. P.
RT  Bent DNA is a structural feature of scaffold-attached
RT  regions in Drosophila melanogaster interphase nuclei
RL  Chromosoma 98:99-104 (1989)
RN  [5]
RX  MEDLINE; 90377235 PubMed; 2118998
RA  Amati, B., Gasser, S. M.
RT  Drosophila scaffold-attached regions bind nuclear scaffolds
RT  and can function as ARS elements in both budding and
RT  fission yeast
RL  Mol. Cell. Biol. 10:5442-5454 (1990)
RN  [6]
RX  MEDLINE;  PubMed; 9722628
RA  Hamann, S., Straetling, W. H.
RT  Specific binding of Drosophila nuclear protein PEP (protein
RT  on ecdysone puffs) to hsp70 DNA and RNA
RL  Nucleic Acids Res. 26:4108-4115 (1998)